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Hello my name is Monilka Lui and I am an Acupuncturist and Magneto Therapist.

I got involved with magnetic therapies over 35 years ago because I was personally suffering from serious back pain. It helped me tremendously and that is why I became interested in natural healing methods. I then studied Acupuncture and Magnetic Therapy. Around 15 years ago I started my business 'Comfort Care' specialising in Magnetic Therapy and importing high quality magnetic products from a quality manufacturer with whom I am still doing business. I was the first person to import magnetic products into Queensland and distributing to other states in Australia. I have a thorough knowledge in all aspects of Magnetic Therapy even designing my own products such as face masks, eye masks, palm and ankle supports. I offer a specialist consultation for my products as no two people are the same and it is very important my clients purchase the correct product specific to their needs.

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Comfort Care - Magnetic Therapy

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Comfort Care - Magnetic Therapy



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