How Magnetism Works

The human body exists under the balanced influence of the magnetic field that envelops the earth, yet the strength of this field varies and is currently in a downward cycle.  Although magnetic lines of force are invisible, they exert a very powerful force on objects within their field.  The 700 gauss (magnetic flux density) of a permanent pitching magnet, for example, creates some 60,000 to 75,000 lines of force.  When these lines of force act on the human body, they induce a weak current in the same manner as they do on a metal wire.  This electric current has a profound effect on the circulatory system, the muscles and the nervous system of the human body.

The magnetic health series operates according to principles which are very similar to those of acupuncture - one of ancient China's greatest medical discoveries.
The positive effects of magnetic treatment have been confirmed by clinical tests and are recognised by modern medical science around the world. It may improve metabolism by improving blood circulation and delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.  This can lead to losening of stiff shoulders and easing pain from lumbago problems and arthritis, as well as relieving muscular tension and fatigue.  This can improve a person's figure, health and vitality, all without the slightest side effects.


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