Magneto Therapy

The positive effects of magnetic therapy have been proved by clinical tests, and are recognised worldwide by modern medical science.

Pain occurs when a nerve impulse is prompted by stress induced muscle tension, a buildup of toxins constricting blood flow, or by dislocation of the circulatory system through injury. If insufficient blood flows through muscles regularly, acidity builds up, obstructing blood flow and causing pain.

Most diseases are caused by a poor circulatory system or by the chemical imbalance of a particular organ. 

Magnetism and acupuncture, which are based on similar principles, have been used for centuries by the Chinese. Magnetic force penetrates deeper than a needle, it can go through bone and accelerate the healing of fractures. North poles stimutate, and South poles sedate; and they restore the balance of inner energy in the body or in a diseased organ.

Blood carries iron in its haemoglobin and red corpuscles, and hence conducts magnetic energy. Magnets produce a whirlpool effect in the blood, increasing circulation of highly oxygenated blood, dislodging toxins and cleaning out arteries. Magnets alter the molecular structure of the blood; blood becomes thinner, enabling it to access awkward areas like tendons, cartilage and capillaries. Increased blood flow regenerates damaged soft tissue, accelerating the healing of fractures.

Magnets relieve joints of ache, pain and the burning sensation from arthritis and rheumatism; they also relieve muscle spasms, swelling, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, neck and shoulder tension caused by operating computers and the symptoms of the stress of contemporary life. For the immobile, improved circulation warms extremities. Magnets can be self applied, and are used by athletes to accelerate blood flow.
Magneto therapy accelerates the body's healing functions by empowering its electrochemical processes.

Magnets applied on acu-points attract the iron in blood, inducing a weak electric current which increases the flow of highly oxygenated white corpuscles.  White corpuscles (also known as white blood cells) are nature's healing agents, dislodging toxins, cleansing the circulatory system, nourishing the body's natural healing processes and promoting metabolism.

Magnetic force penetrates damaged tissue and bone to expedite the healing of fractures. It may also reduce risk of cancer and inhibit tumour growth. In summary, it can alleviate the effect of degenerative disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnets can be applied to the spot of the aches and pain, for example, on both sides of a sore knee or stiff neck. For this reason, many magnetic products for sore elbows, wrists, and knee feature several opposing sets of magnets.

Please Note: Not recommended for children, people with a pacemaker or who are pregnant. Consult a physician before using these products. Keep away from magnetic sensitive media.


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